WELCOME TO Carneros Resort & Spa


    Explore Mustard Season in Napa Valley

    Discover mustard season in wine country, when Napa Valley comes to life with bursts of yellow blooms. As far as the eye can see, colorful mustard flowers grace our vineyards, offering a spectacular backdrop for a day of wine tasting.

    Enjoy During Your Stay

    • Charcuterie Class

      Perfectly timed for Napa Valley’s mustard season, our charcuterie class offers a taste of the region. 

    • Garden Mixology

      Learn how to shake, pour and garnish three craft cocktail recipes while enjoying plenty of sips along the way. 

    • Fine Art Show

      Join Jessel Gallery & Bougetz Cellars for artwork and photographs in honor of this brilliant season. 

    • Cozy Cottage Nights

      Stargazing, outdoor movies, game nights and more await in your private cottage. 

    • Wellness Classes

      Rest and recharge with complimentary daily wellness classes.

    Featured Wineries for Mustard Season