WELCOME TO Carneros Resort and Spa



    Carneros Resort and Spa has the distinct privilege of calling the verdant soils and rolling hills of Napa Valley home; thus, we are committed to sustainability and being responsible stewards so that future poets and artists can attempt to capture the magic of this extraordinary place. 

    -- Edward Costa, Managing Director

    Carneros Resort and Spa was designed to be an integral fit with the pristine landscape that characterizes the Carneros winegrowing district. The resort showcases the best Carneros has to offer -- the landscapes, the lush vineyard surroundings and natural beauty -- and helping to preserve this pristine setting has always been at the heart of Carneros Resort and Spa.

    Our Conservation Practices

    • Shower amenities in the guest rooms and spa are provided in large quantities for waste reduction.
    • Our dedicated housekeeping team takes the time to collect and recycle any discarded soap. From there, it is donated to Clean the World where the soap is sanitized and repurposed across the globe in areas where soap is hard to come by.
    • Boxed water is featured throughout the resort, including in-room.
    • The resort features in-room Steeped Coffee packs that are 100% compostable.
    • In-room collateral is showcased digitally on TVs.
    • Wagons are used as the primary product transportation for housekeeping equipment and products.
    • Electric vehicles are used for staff transportation.
    • Complimentary bicycles are available to guests.
    • Our food & beverage program features locally grown, organic produce from our own culinary gardens and small regional farms. The gardens and landscaping are sustainably maintained.
    • Our landscaping features some native, drought-tolerate plants.
    • Natural ventilation was built into the architectural style of the resort.


    • Carneros Resort and Spa is proud to be part of the Napa County Seed Library. Located adjacent to our chick-inn, you'll find a plethora of seeds waiting to be taken home and planted. The nonprofit Napa County Seed Library is a free public resource where you can borrow, grow, save, and return organic seeds.
    • The grounds consist of a blend of native and naturalized plant material.
    • Plants were selected for their suitability to the unique soil and water conditions, and the use of natives and naturalized species reduces water consumption and prevents the introduction of potentially invasive plants to this sensitive agricultural region.

    Recycling Program

    • Many paper products in the guest areas are recycled products.
    • The rocking chairs on all porches are made from recycled milk cartons.
    • Our cleaning products are biodegradable, and we purchase in bulk, so that the containers may be recycled, the products are more concentrated and therefore we use less of them.

    Composting Program

    • All restaurants and bars sort compostable materials (pre and post-consumer).
    • High nutrient green compost is kept on property and composted by our culinary gardener, to be used in the culinary gardens.
    • All other compost (from proteins) is saved and composted off-site; cooking oils are made into Biofuel through North Bay Pressure.


    • Operable windows abound throughout the cottages to take full advantage of natural ventilation during the temperate seasons in the Carneros region as well as provide extensive controlled daylighting. Throughout Carneros Resort - in dining, spa, and office spaces - natural light and natural ventilation strategies help create healthier environments and reduce energy usage.
    • Materials were also chosen for their appropriateness to the environment. Roofs at Carneros Resort are made of galvanized sheet metal, which reflects heat, reducing cooling loads. And unlike composite shingles, the material can be recycled later. Cedar siding and porch framing are from predominantly managed forests, in which controlled harvests, natural regeneration and reforestation programs ensure a perpetual harvest.
    • Buildings at Carneros Resort were designed from a perspective of connection with their natural setting and as such natural light, natural ventilation, and natural materials.
    • Fireplaces use Enviro-Log firelogs made of 100% recycled wax cardboard which produce up to 33-percent less greenhouse gases than typical wood logs.