WELCOME TO Carneros Resort and Spa
      WELCOME TO Carneros Resort and Spa


      All Together at Carneros Resort and Spa

      Redefine your routine along 28 acres of rolling vineyards and picturesque countryside. Now is the perfect time to escape the city and enjoy quality family time.

      Snuggle up and enjoy an outdoor movie. Roast s’mores by the fire. Grab a picnic from Market. Splash around in our dedicated family pool or enroll your kids in our complimentary wellness classes.

      • Sleep Under The Stars

        A world of imaginary exploration awaits in the great outdoors of your cottage backyard. Camp Carneros includes a backyard tent, sleeping bag, kid-friendly campfire and more.

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      • Kids Yoga

        This fun, warm and welcoming practice introduces yoga to children aged 5-12, teaching flexibility and strength as well as self-soothing breathing techniques. Offered seasonally.


      • Culinary Garden Tours

        Join us in our new organic culinary garden and Chick-Inn to feed chickens, tour the gardens, and discover how the resort’s farm-to-FARM fare sprouts to life each season.

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      • Aqua Fit

        Join us for a fun pool program for kids aged 5-10 that includes a variety of water games, activities and relay races, designed to keep kids active and confident in the water. Offered seasonally.