WELCOME TO Carneros Resort and Spa

    20th Anniversary

    Special Offers & Experiences

    This year marks the 20th anniversary of Carneros Resort and Spa. Over these two decades, we have woven together unforgettable tales and created countless memories. Now, as we stand on the brink of new horizons, we invite you to celebrate with us and become an integral part of our continued story.

    Festive Celebrations

    • The image shows a bright red building with large windows and a sign reading

      Boon Fly Favorites

      Savor nightly specials (and pricing) from our opening year.

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    • The image shows a peaceful garden setting with a small house, greenery, and a path, bathed in warm, soft sunlight filtering through tree branches.

      Build Your Own Neighborhood

      A Sparrow neighborhood buyout option for you and 20 friends.

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    • A person is lying down with a headband on, receiving a facial treatment from another person applying a substance with a brush.

      Spa Wellness Journey

      Escape to the Napa countryside for this fully immersive experience.

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    • The image shows multiple wine bottles stored on rack shelves, both horizontal and slanted, inside what appears to be a wine cellar or storage area.

      A Toast To 20

      Visit FARM for treasured bottles highlighting 2004 vintages.

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    • Three cocktails on a small round table: a martini, a yellow drink with mint, and a tall clear drink with a garnish, by red leather seating.

      Almost 21 Mocktails 

      A free spirit menu of creative zero-proof cocktails offered at FARM Bar.

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    • This image shows a modern kitchen with two chefs working, equipped with pendant lights, an organized prep station, and various kitchen tools and shelves.

      The Decades Dinner

      Reuniting Carneros chefs from over the years for one unforgettable evening.

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    Cheers to 20 More Years

    "As we toast to new beginnings, we take a moment to appreciate the transformative journey Carneros has undergone. The past 20 years have seen remarkable changes, with renovations enhancing our style and décor to reflect both innovation and tradition. We're deeply grateful for the opportunity to have welcomed you through each phase of our journey, and look forward to many more memories together."

    -- Edward Costa, Managing Director

    Journey Through The Years